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Sons of Anarchy

Official Stills & Script from Deleted Scenes

Episode #501 “Sovereign”

Ext. Cemetery - Magic Hour

Everyone else gone. Opie plants flowers around his father’s fresh grave. Gemma walks up, joins him —

Gemma: Old man still has you doing yard work.

Opie: Guess so.

Gemma: Mary said you were still out here. Sorry I missed the service.

Opie: Didn’t miss much.

Gemma: Is there anything I can do?

Opie: No. Thanks.

Gemma: Where are you at with Lyla?

Opie: Nowhere.

Gemma watches him, shuts her eyes. Exhausted, praying? Then —

Gemma: Don’t run away, Op. I know you. Know how you deal with this shit. It doesn’t feel like it now, but the club, Jax and the guys, they’re the only ones who can get you through this.

Opie: And I know you, Gemma. Know how you deal with shit. You always feel safer with the devil you know. (beat) I don’t anymore.

Op kisses her, walks away. Off Gemma, truthed —

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